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My #CreativesWithBrendan project first started in 2018. My aim then as it is now was to share some of my creative peers stories & give you an insight into their lives. Meeting new, interesting people is one of the main reasons I love my life as a freelance photographer so much & this project was my way of giving back to my community by helping people share their stories with accompanying photographs of them in action & sometimes even photo's from their past too. It just gives you a nice look at the subjects journey so far & a glimpse of what they see in their future.

So to kick things off on the blog #CreativesWithBrendan introduces @georgiana113 a Dublin based Tattoo Artist at @reinkarnateddublin. I had the pleasure of meeting & photographing her as she tattooed a Pennywise the clown piece on @aidanmooney_ while I was in Dublin in 2019. Having a tattoo artist was a first for this project at the time & I loved the vibe so much so it gave me an idea for a new way to showcase these stories by using the @unfold app & creating Instagram stories to share them in a better more fluid way, which you can see if you click through the gallery below.

If you know any creatives, photographers, tattoo artists, film makers, musicians, artists, performers, models, MUA’s, anyone in the creative space! Send them my way I'd love to hear from people who want to share their own story or know someone who would be perfect for this. Stay tuned for the next one as I have a few more I'll be sharing on my blog but if you're eager for more be sure to check out my Instagram: @PortsWithBrendan & check out my story highlights where you'll find a few more there.